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No matter if you’re buying or selling, take advantage of our specialized knowledge and expert services to make sure your home is ready to move into. We offer home inspections, builder warranty inspections, new construction inspections and many more!


Home Inspections

Home inspections are an important part of buying a home. Hiring a home inspector provides you with valuable information about the property you are going to live in for years to come. Buying a home is probably one of the biggest investments you will make, so make sure you protect it!

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Buying a House

Builder Warranty Inspections

If you build a home, you want it to be how you imagined it.  Builders offer a warranty on your brand new property, generally one year from completion.  make sure you get it inspected after the home has settled so you can make sure the builder can fix all of the imperfections on your new home.

New Construction Inspections

If you are building a brand new home, get the "bones" of the house inspected before the interior wall covers everything up. Make sure to have problems identified and fixed by your builder before they move on to the finishes.

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Inspection terms

Inspectors use a lot of different words to identify certain parts of a house, system, or a deficiency.  If you don't know what your inspector is saying, then search for it here.


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Why do I need an Inspection?

The home inspection is an important part of the home buying process. It is typically conducted right after the seller has accepted your offer and will help you determine if you want to move forward with purchasing the home.  Your realtor will help you write your offer, and it should include an option to cancel the contract if the inspector discovers something that concerns you.  Many realtors can provide you with a recommendation, but you are free to select any home inspection company licensed by the Texas Real Estate Commission.

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